national anthem

I've been so slow on showing some of these amazing shots taken by Dominic! This look was all "All American" twist and very Lana Del Rey inspired. I love this hi-lo maxi dress, and unfortunately have not been able to wear it much. I think part of the problem was its formal appeal.  When paired with the denim jacket and All Star Chucks though, it gave it a great casual look. The sneakers and jacket were a total ode to the 90s. Our other Jackie on the set did an amazing job with my hair. We wanted a really light and girlie feel. When in doubt, put a bow on it!

This is an outfit that I would have never thought of wearing, but I ended up loving the result. I think that is what fashion is all about: try new things, be creative, and have fun. We had a lot of fun this day and the pictures are simply stunning. There is something very eclectic about this look. I am also in love with the necklace that I borrowed from my mother. Another great fashion tip: your mom's closet is most likely a fashion mecca. Go explore it (with her permission of course)!

Hi-Lo Maxi dress: Sway; Denim Jacket: Gap; Sneakers: All Star Converse; Necklace: Vintage; Hair Bow: Vintage