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Here are some shots from my last week in Thailand. 

I had so much fun going abroad, and exploring new cultures. I feel so fortunate to be able to do this, and to then run back to the comfort of my home in the USA! 


Everyone has been asking me what I did on vacation. The great thing about traveling somewhere so foreign, where the culture is simply so different from your own, is that just being there can often feel like you're doing enough to take it all in. 

Obviously I did your typical touristy stuff. I saw different landmarks, visited temples, and even went on a 4 km nature hike at the Erawan waterfalls (shocking, I know). Of course I tried tons of new food too. 

But let's get real: the shopping was everything. 

For starters, I bought some fabulous jewelry.

This beaded jade necklace has great color, and I love the graduated bead sizes. It is a subtle, yet classy, change from my usual chunky statement necklaces. 

I am also obsessed this purse I scored for 180 baht (roughly $6 USD) at a pharmacy. Yes, because pharmacies in Thailand legitimately have cute stuff. 

I wore it literally everyday on my vacation, and I've found myself still using it at home.

I'm not entirely sure if I have a last remark here, but I hate leaving without some sort of conclusion. 

The one major thing I have taken from my travels (this trip, and others), is to be open minded and challenge yourself. If you judge another culture by the values of your own, you set everyone up for failure. Trust yourself, but let go, have fun, and enjoy life.


Sounds good, right?

Romper: American Apparel, Lace Blouse: Vintage (bought at After Life ), Shoes: Sam Edelman

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