hey, we’re jackie & adrienne aka StyleBFFs


we live in san francisco and both work in corporate retail. before the 9 to 5’s, we were writing this blog— and we’re still going. as styleBFFs, we are almost always texting, talking on the phone, or sending each other cool posts and articles. our style is always evolving and ever-adapting to whatever feels right. 

why “style” vs “fashion”? 

fashion informs style. clothes encompass such an intrinsic part of who we are, and how we outwardly express that. it connects us to our past, our memories laced with what we’ve worn. consider us on-trend with a bit (or a lot) of nostalgia. 

it’s your grandma’s sweater with a pair of’s your most lived in tee worn with literally anything. 

we’ve made so many new friends because style has connected us. we find inspiration every time we step outside — we find it in each other. there’s power in getting dressed & there’s power in writing about it. with that said...

let’s be best friends! 


the intersection of personal style & friendship

after 13 years of friendship, we’re still bonding over our own take on what to weaR